Virtual Events That Connect

Karan Nijhawan from organises virtual dinners with the sole intention of getting people to connect. In this video, he shares a whole wealth of practical tips to make your next virtual event kick-ass! 

Are you building a community solo? Or the only community builder on your team? Your tribe is waiting for you.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • How to give merch that people actually want [0:48]
  • How to create Zoom events that truly help people to connect [4:17]
  • How Karan organises his virtual dinners [6:40]
  • How to come up with creative, thoughtful event ideas [16:52]
  • How do you actually get people to show up? [22:20]
  • How to price your virtual events [24:50]
  • How to subtly make an event go deeper? [27:59]
  • How did you successfully transition from in-person events to virtual events? [33:33]
  • What is your 60 day post-event nurture sequence? (How to grow client relationships after the event has finished?) [36:20]
  • How do you think about building a community based on events? [43:39]
  • How to combine automation and being personal? [44:34]
  • How do you deal with Zoom fatigue? [45:55]

Building a community can be pretty lonely, huh?

Get the support you need as an indie community builder. 

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