Communities always start with conversations

Rosie Sherry has developed a wealth of community knowledge from her decade-long experience in the community industry. She founded Ministry of Testing back in 2007, worked at Indie Hackers for two years as their community manager and more recently worked at Orbit as their community lead.


She recently returned to her indie roots by quitting her job and working on her own projects again. In this conversation she shares with us why conversations are at the heart of any successful community. 

Are you building a community solo? Or the only community builder on your team? Your tribe is waiting for you. 

Here’s what you can learn from our conversation: 

  • Where do you start when building a community from scratch? [4:21]
  • How can you judge whether or not there is an actual need for the community you’re building? [11:01]
  • Can you build a community around your product? [13:35]
  • What tips could you give for building beta-testing communities? [17:04]
  • Where do you start when thinking about community tools? [24:55]
  • How do you build communities that have a good culture? [31:24]
  • How do you measure the success of your communities? [38:09]
  • How do you build community strategy? [44:25]
  • How do you scale a community? [49:39]

Building a community can be pretty lonely, huh?

Get the support you need as an indie community builder. 

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